The Wedding Cake Meets the Heat.


Over the last 25 years we have faced the challenge of the heat, and for the most part we have more than persevered. Hydrate is the word. Standing over a grill and cooking for hours at 97 degrees, our Sous Chef Kelly wobbled more than once. Fans, shade and water sometimes is still not enough. But she carried on, and all of our wonderful staff does as well, as we enter our second weekend of events and weddings in the scorching heat and stifling humidity.

The dreaded Buttercream fruit filled cake…… amount of air conditioning ( in a vehicle mind you….the 1800’s farm house nearby had none, ) could conquer the humidity as it sidled up to that beautiful cake. It literally imploded. Now this is not a scenario we enjoy, but once in a Blue Moon, it simply happens. As our event planner looked on in horror, this beautiful cake morphed into a crumbling tower almost before her eyes, as it met…..The Heat.

What to do, what to do?  We always arrive with piping bags and frosting and plenty of berries and flowers to help any cake that is in heat distress. We have saved a few dozen over the years, as they begin to slightly wilt. But this one….OY.

Determined to save it the chef began reconstructing as a waiter went off to the bakery to purchase additional sheet cakes “just in case”. Piping frosting and placing berries, the cake continued to refuse to cooperate. Just as fast as she repaired, it fell…again and again. Plan B. Construct a new cake out of the newly purchased sheet cakes. No air conditioning in the host’s home meant working on this in the shade of our tent, where it was a comfortable 97 degrees, humidity as high. Slicing away at the sheets to create a new cake, time was running out. The Bride must cut the cake. As one worked on the imploded cake, another worked on a new cake….and now the moment of truth. Neither cake would look like anything but a horror show when we carried it out.

What to do, what to do? Slowly all turned to the second dessert of the evening. The one dessert that no amount of heat or humidity could destroy. Heat….meet our homemade Whoppie Pies. We placed one of those next to our two cakes. Bravely, our event Captain summoned the Bride to examine our efforts. Of course we made her aware of the possible situation….delicious cake with a hideous appearance. We could serve it, but would she want to cut it? What would she want for her photo album, as she would look back years from now?

We waited. She smiled. She pointed.

The Bride and Groom stood at the table, and while cameras flashed and the heat seemed to diminish for just a few minutes, they cut and enjoyed together…..a Whoppie Pie.




Sometimes we just have to thank our clients when they are so gracious and just plain nice. It was a beautiful day, and nothing was going to ruin it for them. We served the guests the cake that never made it in the photos, but all agreed it was superb.  Sometimes your best efforts are not 100% successful, but the show must go on.

Fruit filled buttercream cakes are the worst possible choice for days like this. But truthfully….how often do we get days like last Sunday? This year, looks like we are in for a few more. So all you wedding cakes out there…….be very careful.

Stay cool…and hydrate,